Website: Falcon Coin
White Paper: Falcon Coin.pdf
Total Coin Supply: 32,000,000(FFC)
Coin Supply: 6,250,000(FFC)
Investment Type: Trading Bot
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Payout Time:Speed and ease of converting to BTC. Including withdrawal times
Exchanges:Access to Exchanges both internal and external
Support:Response times of Support
Interest Rate:Average Interest Rate Score
Social Media:Active on Social Media and Keep everyone informed
Days Running:Length of Time running and paying out
Uptime:How often the platform goes down for maintenance or issues
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How to Lend Guide: Here

Falcon Coin

Falcon Coin aims to be a community-driven cryptocurrency to act as an alternative to government controlled currency. Their customers are able to store their funds, mine, stake, trade, or lend in their crypto lending program.

Since they opened, the platform has experienced a number of issues; however, they have systematically worked through each one in a professional manner. They are willing to take feedback from their community and work through their problems. Additionally, they continually update their community with information.

Falcon Lending Platform

Falcon Coin opened their lending program in late November 2017. The platform’s crypto lending program differs from many others, in that they aggregate loans and re-loans and calculate bonus interest on the total amount of investment. This means that once your total investment amount is above $1001 USD, you will receive bonus interest, even if that amount is made up of many smaller investments. In contrast, many other platforms treat each investment separately, and lenders must meet the required amount for every new investment in order to gain the bonus.

Investors can use their lending platform from Falcon Coin’s website, and will receive daily interest (up to 46% per month) dependent on Falcon’s volatility software (and any bonus interest). At the end of 180 days, lenders will receive their capital back, but can reinvest into the program if they desire. Bonus amounts can be seen in the following chart:

Loan AmountInterest (Up to 46% a Month)Term (Days)
$1-1000Volatility Software Interest180
$1001 – $5000Volatility Software Interest + 0.10% Daily180
$5001 – $10,000Volatility Software Interest + 0.15% Daily180
$10.001 – $50,000Volatility Software Interest + 0.20% Daily180
$50,001 – $100,000Volatility Software Interest + 0.25% Daily180
$100,000 +Volatility Software Interest + 0.30% Daily180


Falcon Coin Performance


The Coin (FFC):

There is a total supply of 32 million FFC. 6.25 million coins were put up for sale during the ICO. The coins were sold for .85 – 1.05 USD. The ICO took place between 15 October and 14 November 2017.


Per their roadmap, Falcon plans to release an innovative new staking program in February 2018.


Currently, FFC can only be traded on their internal exchange. They do hope to be added to other exchanges in 2018.

Referral Program:

Falcon offers a referral program to users who bring others to the platform. The platform pays a 7% commission for all referral investments.


Currently, the platform allows FFC to be stored on their dashboad. They also have a wallet for BTC available.


Falcon has the following planned for the upcoming year:

Scoring Details:

With 5-star ratings in 5/8 categories, Falcon currently has a 4.31 per our scoring system. Here’s why:

  • Payout time (5 stars): Though the platform had problems in this area initially, once they discovered the source of the slow withdrawal times, they fixed it immediately.
  • Exchanges (2.5 stars): Currently, the platform only has an internal exchange. They will receive more stars when/if they are added to an external exchange.
  • Support (4.25 stars): Falcon is good at getting back to their customers and fixing issues in a timely manner.
  • Interest Rate (5 stars): The platform has consistently paid their investors a good interest rate.
  • Social Media (5 stars): The platform is extremely good at updating their investors with relevant information with Social media. They have even alerted their followers when their CEO was be available for chat on telegram.
  • Days Running (2.5 stars): Falcon hasn’t been open very long. As the platform ages, they will receive more stars.
  • Uptime (5 stars): Despite their various early issues, the platform remained online and accessible to to their users most of the time.
  • Website (5 stars): Their website is easy to navigate and understand.

In Our News:

  • November 3, 2017 – the platform had issues with BTC disappearing from users’ accounts and we warned our users. Falcon worked with us (and others) and were able to return the lost funds.
  • November 28, 2017 – the platform went live. We had anticipated that their coin’s price would rise, but due to some hiccups, the coin fell in value.
  • December 16, 2017 – Falcon came in third place for highest interest paid that week. The platform had issues with their exchange (now fixed).
  • December 23, 2017 – We noted that the exchange was still down.
  • December 30, 2017 – Falcon’s exchange was open again, but the withdrawals were slow.
  • January 6, 2018 – We looked into why the withdrawals were so slow and processed several transactions ourselves. We realized there was a transaction that was too large for miners to process, and it was holding up other transactions. We contacted Falcon and they looked into the issue and fixed it.
  • January 13, 2018 – We noted that their 60 BTC of backed up withdrawals were released due to their intervention! We hope for a bright future for this platform.

Social Media:

Falcon is very good about keeping their investors informed. They are active on twitter, facebook, and telegram.

Website Status:

The website is online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

– How long will the lending program last?

– How can I lend to the program?

– How can I reach support about a problem?

  • There is a tab to contact support once you have logged into your account. You can also mail

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  • 🚨It looks like the worst has happened. The Admins have not heard from WILL -CEO and Mike – SCO or anyone from the Falcon team. Due to this admins are inclined to believe WILL and Mike have found their way out along with all the funds. The wallet of Falcon coin was also emptied. This wallet address was shard by Will when things were going well. The falcon website is not working now and absolute silence from the founders indicate that they are no longer in business. All the Admins were completely blindsided and left hanging with no information. Please understand that each volunteer admin is not a member of the official falcon coin team and Admins were never compensated in anyway for all the community work they did. Most of the social media was managed by admins voluntarily to help bring news to the community as fast as they could. As soon as admins realized that falcon coin is no longer in business they have decided to take down all the social media to and cease all support to Falcon coin. During these hard times we ask you to be compassionate towards the admins as they are investors too and they had no control or any part of what the official falcon coin team did. Following is the wallet address that WILL – CEO sent to check the Falcon coin transactions –

  • Falconcoin Exits
    Sorry to all Falconcoin investors. We are all trying our best to find out who are the people behind Falconcoin. In the meantime I have one potential lead pertaining to this -: there is one coin which has the same look and plasticity as Falcon, inside and out. There is a possibility that this coin is related to Falcon. Coincidentally I have gotten hold of their faces and identities in a private Skype interview that I recorded. If it can be proven that they are in any way related to Falconcoin, I will release the videos publicly, immediately.
    Please help with the investigation, as every eyeball and every brain will help. (eternacoinofficial)

  • I found out a bunch of information!
    Yes, they did exit and take along with them 1,116 BTC with them and that’s over 12 million USD!!

    WOW, but anyways, I called and you can purchase FalconCoin.Co from the owner of the domain.

    Go Daddy says they will charge $70 to you for them to contact the owner of the domain…so there’s a way.

    They also told me that FalconCoin.Co i s run by a server called

    So I called them and they said they are going to get back to me.

    If anybody finds these bastards they are going down!

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